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Permanent vs temporary employment – which is the best option for you?

There are countless things to consider when searching for your ideal role, but one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is whether you should seek out temporary or permanent employment. The answer to this question will strongly depend on which option suits your current lifestyle and what you want to get out of your employment.

Our team of experts here at First Personnel have taken some of the guess work out for you and compiled a list of advantages and disadvantages of both temporary and permanent employment so that you can choose the ideal avenue.

Permanent employment


Financial stability

With permanent employment comes the security that you will be paid a certain amount of money at the same time each month/ week, this in turn allows you to budget in the long term.

Access to further benefits

Permanent employees are often given more benefits that aim to advance their knowledge and career, such as access to further training or the opportunity to gain more qualifications.

Career opportunities

Like training to further a career, permanent employees are often more likely to progress within the same company towards more senior roles.

Ability to build long term relationships

Long term positive relationships are a key component to a great company culture. Permanent employees have a great deal more opportunity to get to know their colleagues and form these vital working relationships.


Work-life balance

It can be difficult for permanent employees to achieve the ideal work life balance, with set holiday allowance, set hours, as well as other commitments such as doctors/ dentists appointments, the lack of flexibility does not appeal to some.

Notice periods

Notice periods differ from employer to employer, but longer notice periods can mean you are tied to a company when you want to move.

Temporary employment


Finding your ideal role

Temporary employment allows you to explore various roles in different industries before you find your ideal career path.

Earn money whilst searching for ideal job

If you are in search of your ideal role but still want to earn money and gain experience, then temporary employment provides the perfect platform for you to do just that.

More freedom to move around

Many people dislike the monotony that permanent employment can bring; temporary employment on the other hand allows you to explore numerous roles which ultimately makes you more motivated and productive in your present position.

Meet lots of new people at each role

Moving to different roles, in different companies regularly means that you have the opportunity to meet lots of new people, therefore building your network of professional contacts.


Less rights

Temporary employees often have fewer rights in relation to sick leave and holiday pay as opposed to their permanent counterparts.

Irregular hours

Although not always the case, many temporary roles mean irregular hours, therefore you could be earning varying amounts week to week.

Often the lines between permanent and temporary are blurred, with the opportunity for temporary employees to be made permanent, and in the same respect, many employers are adopting a flexible working mentality for the permanent employees.

Still unsure of which option is best for you? Speak to our friendly team today for our expert opinion on how you can get the most out of your employment.