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Preparing for success in a new job

You have successfully navigated the whole recruitment process and have been offered and accepted a job, but what comes next? Many find their first week in a new role extremely nerve-wracking, particularly when there is a probationary period it is essential that you make a great impression.

Take a look below as we explore our top tips on how to impress in your new role and feel like part of the team much quicker.

Organise your commute

First and foremost, you need to organise the most efficient commute to your new place of work. Will you get a bus? A train? Drive? And if so, where will you park? Many interviews take place outside of rush hour, therefore your journey may be significantly longer than when you visited the workplace previously. Organising this ahead of time will save a lot of stress come your first day.

Plan your organisation ahead of time

For many new employees there will be an adjustment period in which you are able to get used to the environment, the job role and get to know your colleagues. Take this time to also reflect on your previous experience, identify areas in which you could improve and strive to actually improve upon these for your new role. Examples of this may be time-keeping, prioritising work or even something as simple as making yourself proof-read an email prior to sending if you are prone to spelling and grammatical errors.

Ask your new employer for guidance

We would recommend asking your employer prior to your start date, if they recommend any research or reading material that would adequately prepare you in readiness for your first day. Not only will this highlight your enthusiasm towards your new role to your employer, but it could also provide some great insight and key knowledge that will ultimately benefit you in the long run.

Get to know your colleagues

Your first week should be about acquainting yourself not only with your job role, but also your colleagues. Establishing these relationships early on will help you to settle into a role much more quickly. Ask your colleagues questions to get to know more about them and their role within the company. In addition to this, if there are any scheduled social events occurring within your first few weeks we would highly recommend making an effort to attend to get to know your team in an environment away from work.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

A new role may mean new processes, systems and terminology that you are not familiar with. Many make the mistake to suffer in silence, try to figure it out themselves and ultimately waste a lot of time in doing so. Ask your colleagues and managers questions if necessary as in the long run this will make you much more productive and highlight your willingness to learn.

Above all your new job should be a fresh start, you should enjoy getting to know your team and the responsibilities of your role.

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