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The benefits of a recruitment agency

Businesses wanting to recruit new staff are often posed with the question as to whether to use an agency or recruit in-house. Many businesses run under the misconception that in-house recruitment is always cheaper than hiring a recruitment agency, however, when you take into account the time spent recruiting for a new member of staff, ensuring they are the right person for the job and, if it so happens that you choose the incorrect person for the position, the cost and effort to recruit once again.
Agencies are an ideal avenue to explore as they carry out recruitment day in, day out, and provide improved standards of candidates and less risk that your new employee will not be right for the job. Here we explore the top five benefits of using an agency:

Time savings
Recruiting is an extremely time consuming task, as it involves:

  • Writing your advertisement
  • Distributing your advert
  • Reviewing CVs
  • Communicating with potential candidates
  • Arranging interviews
  • Carrying out initial interviews
  • Corresponding with interviewees afterwards
  • Negotiating salaries

With recruitment agencies, these tasks are carried out on your behalf, therefore you will save a tremendous amount time that can be spent on other areas of the business.

Knowledge of current job market
Recruiters will know and understand the current job market in your industry, and can give you a realistic idea of what to expect from recruitment efforts, what salary potential candidates will be looking for, how long recruiting could take, and many other things. This gives you the opportunity to make arrangements within your business in advance.

Advertising your roles
If you advertise your job vacancy yourself it will more often than not yield little results, and therefore the high calibre candidates that you want to meet will not see your vacancy. Recruitment agencies will have a great knowledge of the appropriate places to advertise for a job, both online and offline; on top of this they will also actively seek out the ideal candidates, an initiative that many business owners or managers do not have time to do.

Conducting interviews
Initial interviews, for many companies, is the opportunity to very quickly eliminate potential candidates. Within the first few minutes it can become clear that a person is not right for the role, and this in turn can waste a great deal of time. Many recruiters will conduct initial interviews on your behalf, ensuring that when you eventually interview the candidates are of a high standard that have relevant skills, knowledge and personality for the job role.

There are numerous benefits to using a recruitment agency, and from our experience these benefits far outweigh those of recruiting in-house.

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