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The top skills you should look out for when interviewing for a commercial job role

Commercial jobs can cover a wide spectrum of roles, from call centre roles to accounts, sales to secretarial, but many of the skills for these roles remain the same. Finding a candidate that possesses these skills is the key to a successful placement.

So, what are the skills that you should look out for recruiting commercial roles?

Customer service
A vital skill for any role, however particularly for commercial jobs, many of which are customer facing, a candidate must have excellent customer service skills to ensure success in their role.

Written & verbal communication
Commercial jobs will often require a substantial amount of written and telephone related work, therefore candidates should be able to express themselves in a clear, informative and friendly manner in both written and verbal communications.

Organisation & time management
Whilst quite an obvious skill to look for in any employee, the ability to meet deadlines and organise workloads is vital to the success of any commercial role, particularly for roles such as accounts or secretarial for which failure to manage time could negatively impact the business both in the short and long term.

IT skills
As the majority of commercial roles will, for the most part, be computer based, having adequate IT skills is essential. This will include proficiency in Microsoft Office products including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint as a minimum requirement.

Active listening
Communication is key, whilst written and verbal communication is important, candidates must also be able to actively listen to colleagues and clients. This will enable them to gain a clearer understanding of what is being said to them, how to process this information and plan subsequent actions.

How can you check candidates have these skills?
Whilst candidates may state that they have these skills during the application and interview process, they may not be at the level that a particular job role requires them to be. When we recruit candidates on behalf of our clients we provide a number of tests to assess a candidate’s proficiency in a number of skills.

Want to make sure a candidate is the ideal choice for a commercial role? Speak to the First Personnel team today about your recruitment needs.